We are very conscious of our economic, social and environmental responsibility. We fully accept the need for sustainable ideas and practices and are proud of our successes in this area. Sustainable practices are crucial to our future and we face up to our social responsibilities. Sustainability and environmental issues We are committed to achieving our goals responsibly.
Our sustainability policy focuses on our environment .Sustainability is a growing science that balances current needs with a future generations. We believe that future financial success is dependent on sustainable corporate practice. We have been committed to responsible economic, environmental and financial policy. To us, sustainability means constant attention to these three areas and to the interaction between them.

Our values and the ethical principles underlying our business activities form the platform for our global social responsibility and our Group Code of Ethics in subject to systematic implementation. We contribute to the supply of society as a whole with eco-efficient products and services. The focus of our product development is minimal impact on the environment, low material usage and high recyclability, while also achieving ideal product characteristics.